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Launch and scale exploration projects

The XCover marketplace makes it easy to find and activate specialized geoscience talent to help scale, manage and optimize your projects.

Project Definition

Consult with your XCover team on project specifics, available talent, best practices, and alignment on your desired outcomes.


Project Publication

Define and describe your project's goal, context, available data, expected output and duration for publication to the XCover community privately or publicly depending on your needs. We will then set up a confidential agreement and compensation terms.


Project Build

Work with your Xcover team to collect, prepare and load project data onto the Virtual Workstation.


XiR Selection

Choose from a pool of skilled XiR applicants to hire for your project.


Project Kick-Off

Work with the XCover team to onboard and support your explorer and align on a detailed work plan.


Progress Report

Review the output from the XiR based on the predefined milestones and review criteria.


Project Completion

Final review of completed work and total compensation. Incorporation of the output back into your team's workflow.